[p]Now that I’ve covered painted stairs, what about good old-fashioned wooden treads?  Well, no worries – they can also get dressed up, down, covered or uncovered with eye-popping results![/p]

[p]2)  Wood…[/p]

[p]Here is a beautiful example of natural wood not only on the treads, but also running up the sides to serve as handrails:[/p]

[p]Wooden Stair Rail Wall[/p]

[p]I was in awe of this example of using stains & paints to mimic the gorgeous marquetry (inlaid wood) that artisans have used in furniture for centuries:[/p]


[p]3)  Rugs…[/p]

[p]Of course, the good old-fashioned stair runner gives you the opportunity to show some stair, while still dressing it is up with pattern and color.  This can work with traditional or contemporary interiors:[/p]

[p]Victorian Entry -Julia Williams Interiors[/p]

[p]Striped Runner          Check Runner[/p]

[p]4)  Tile…[/p]

[p]This is a fantastic modern take on tiled risers on a set of contemporary indoor stairs:[/p]

[p]Tim Barber Ltd.-Tile Stairs[/p]

[p]5)  Storage…[/p]

[p]Who couldn’t use more storage?  If you’ve filled your cabinets to capacity everywhere else in your house, consider making your staircase serve double-duty:[/p]

[p]storage-stair-2   storage-stair-3[/p]

[p]Understair Storage     Wine Storage[/p]

[p]6)  Whole Room…[/p]

[p]This one surprised even this seasoned Portland interior designer!  Looking to add another bath or powder room in your house?  Look no further than under your stairs:[/p]

 [p]Under-Stair Bath[/p]