Below is a reporting of  the progress  on my own project as it was made, which I titled “What I’ve Learned So Far from My Remodel”:[/p]

  • Week 18 just started and we are now fully drywalled!  I’ve learned that drywall goes in in 3 stages (who knew?): 1) Sheet Rock (check!), 2) Tape/Mud to cover the screw holes (check!), and 3) Texturizing, which they’re taping up to do now.  Everything should be dry and ready for me to start painting on Wednesday! (…Of course, now I have to start painting on Wednesday. Sigh.)
  • We saved hundreds of dollars this weekend by going to Portland’s ReBuilding Center and selecting a cool pair of old doors for our hallway linen closet. It’s a great resource for reclaimed architectural parts, electrical & plumbing fixtures and even a whole area of unused tile!
  • Painting. Ceilings. Is. The. Pits.  (Special thanks to Mr. Mumford and his offspring for keeping me energized during these loooong painting projects!)
  • Hallway and Master Bedroom ceiling are done & walls are getting painted!
  • After a bit of a lull for inspections and post-drywall installation, our house is teaming with workers again. Hooray! The electricians are installing the new can light fixtures and the exterior siding is getting put on.  Before we know it, this will be a house again!
  • Siding is complicated!  Ours is from the 50’s and current products have different heights. Our Contractor decided to use the existing siding (removed & saved from original back) along the side that can be seen from the street. The new, slightly smaller siding is now on the other side of the house, “hiding” the differences in heights between the corner of the house & the new windows. …I guess we’ll frisk everyone who visits for tape measures!