Below is a reporting of  the progress  on my own project as it was made, which I titled “What I’ve Learned So Far from My Remodel”:


  • The yard work is underway, with pipes being laid to keep our Oregon rain from flooding the backyard and garage for the first time!  New gutters go on and the bathroom is being tiled… Ah, progress!
  • The floors were finally installed and finished/re-finished in the new Dining Room/old Kitchen, new Bedroom & Hallway. After staying at a hotel last night we’re now airing the joint out with fans… I’ll be happy when we can move into these spaces starting tomorrow!
  • Construction-Week 23: The exterior siding is finally hung & ready for painting!
  • I’ve learned the gas company isn’t really good about correcting their mistakes (big surprise)! Their line through the front yard is supposed to be buried 2ft underground, but it is actually only 6″ deep. Digging to lay pipes for drainage unearthed it — along with two places someone put electrical tape to fix a gouge they made. …And can we get them come out to fix the issue? HA!
  • Work progresses, despite the rain. Our upholstered banquette was delivered last week and it’s BEAUTIFUL – thanks Rose City Upholstery!  I’ll paint the new window sills/trim above where the bench will sit this week and will post a picture once the banquette is installed in its permanent location.  So exciting!
  • The new wood floors in the Dining Room & Bedroom actually went in 3 weeks ago, but now the final top finish coat will go on.  They waited to keep all the workers who’ve been traipsing in & out from ruining them. Great thought, but SOOO inconvenient to move out of those rooms AGAIN! …Sigh.