Below is a reporting of  the progress  on my own project as it was made, which I titled “What I’ve Learned So Far from My Remodel”:[/p]

  • We’ve moved back in to the Dining Room, and now I’m finishing the final part of our Master Bedroom: painting the baseboards & doors, then this weekend we’ll MOVE IN at long last!  On Monday Phase II begins: Remodeling the Guest Bath & our child’s room.  Will it all be done by the new year? Inquiring minds want to know…
  • I’m learning that being a Designer really doesn’t offer any benefits on a home remodel.  When the drainage work in the front yard stalled because the gas line was too close to the surface, the gas company didn’t come out any faster than their usual ‘4-6 weeks if we don’t lose your report information first’ …which they did. So we learned to live with our yard “pit”, (even when we found a drowned possum in the bottom of it).

    Today, after several delays because of back-ordered fixtures, the plumbers were finally here to transfer the water from the existing bathroom (which is now being renovated) to the new Master Bathroom.  Seemed simple enough, however when they attempted to turn off the water for the big switch, the street main wasn’t working so they called the city out to assess the problem.  Those gentlemen promptly broke the handle beyond repair, and when the plumbers, who only had 15 min. worth of work left to do, asked them to fix it, they were told, “We’ll just come back out tomorrow.”

    So here we sit in a house with one working sink (in the Kitchen) and no bath/shower or toilet facility to be found. Our overnight “fix” is that we have 4 standing buckets of water by the new toilet that we can use to manually “flush” with.  Either that, or we can go out to the port-a-potty on the front lawn…just be careful to avoid the lawn “pit” on the way!

  • My favorite mantra these days is PATIENCE! ; ) This past week we had to deal with a rain-flooded garage (because the yard drainage isn’t finished); a bathtub return (because the order was placed wrong); and an aborted shower door install (because the glass came in clear instead of the “rain” glass I specified).  …Universe: I am SO ready for things to start going right!