Below is a reporting of  the progress  on my own project as it was made, which I titled “What I’ve Learned So Far from My Remodel”:



  • I just dropped off the application packet for a permit from the city. It’s weird that now I’M the client!
  • I found myself removing the kitchen wallpaper DIY-style this afternoon!  …I’m tired and they haven’t even broken ground yet.  Is this a bad sign?
  • Found out the “beaverboard” that was used in fifties-era construction as the layer between wall framing and exterior lap siding is actually of flimsier construction than pressboard and is, unsurprisingly, disintegrating.  Amazing what they could get away with back then…
  • I’m reworking the roof structure drawings as my Contractor thought of a way to combine overbuilding the existing roof with new trusses. This brings down the height of the new roof & saves money — two of my favorite things!
  • Preparing for the backhoe work tomorrow.  We’ve cleared the backyard of our old leaky pond which we’ll fill with the dirt they’ll dig up for the foundation.  It’ll save a LOT on hauling & disposal fees!
  • They “discovered” that the lowest point of our street (where 1/2 our property sits) was supposed to have a sewer grate for drainage.  The city came out, confirmed it should be there, but said they have no plans to put it in. …So we’ve been instructed to put in a “dry well” in the front yard. Sigh.
  • Concrete footings were poured this morning, and will be dried & ready to be built on tomorrow — I hadn’t realized it would go so quickly, and in the pouring rain no less!  Floor joists & preliminary plumbing are going in tomorrow, then comes preliminary electrical, and wall studs go up on Monday.  I’m so thrilled!