Below is a reporting of  the progress  on my own project as it was made, which I titled “What I’ve Learned So Far from My Remodel”:



  • Roof trusses being delivered tomorrow and roof work starts next week. Progress on early structural elements is going quickly & smoothly!
  • First stumbling block: The wall structure for the bath was built off an older drawing set, and is a crucial 6″ off (affecting the adjacent bedroom).  Luckily it only took a couple of hours to put things right…
  • Standing in the real-world structure can be MUCH different than looking at drawings. We had to adjust the width of the shower to better accommodate my 6′-0″ husband — it took away 6″ from the adjacent vanity, but it’s worth it! (Plus, I like my new vanity design much better).
  • Yesterday, after the workers had gone home, we discovered we’d lost our internet connection. My husband did some investigating and found that they’d inadvertently pulled out one of the cables from its coupling, leaving a frayed end… First thing this morning our contractor replaced the cable & flagged it for the guys. I LOVE getting great service!
  • The good news seems to come with the bad. Yesterday I found a ready-made vanity in the EXACT wood, stain, size & shape that we planned to have made for the guest bath on sale for $400. Woo-hoo – bought it!  Then we found out the chimney isn’t up to code AND it’s falling apart. So we either pay to have it rebuilt, or remove it and put in a gas fireplace insert for about the same amount.  Decisions, decisions…
  • The roofs are almost done, and the new windows & patio doors are stacked up in our garage… I’ve been so spoiled by all this progress that when I DON’T hear a hammer or a saw going, I wonder why they’re “slacking off”!
  • Okay, I officially miss the natural light!  Our windows have been boarded over & the back door in the Kitchen is now 12 feet from the yard/sunlight. It’ll be great in another month when it’s all one room, but until then…
  • FINALLY, the part I live for – the selection of products & finishes that will turn our new construction into part of our home!  I found this chandelier for the Dining Room… Hello, beautiful!


  • Here’s the fabric I selected for our Dining Room banquette:


  • Here’s our new TV Room area rug… I think I’ll pull out the green tones for the wall paint!


Lowes-Sedia Rugjpg