Below is a reporting of  the progress  on my own project as it was made, which I titled “What I’ve Learned So Far from My Remodel”:


  • The sub-contractors are coming inside the house this week! We’re losing the Dining Room (it gets converted to a hallway to the new Master Bedroom) and half the Living Room.  Spent the weekend cramming furniture into every available spot, and now it feels like we’re living in a mobile home!  Um, this will be worth it in the end…right?
  •  I have a home office for my design work, and the construction is SO much louder than I thought it was going to be!  Thank goodness the sun has finally come out so I can take my breaks outside.
  • The interior work is progressing nicely – they’ve broken through from the new Master Bedroom in the back into the existing house and put in our walk-in closet & new-to-existing hallway connection.  Of course they boarded up all the entry points before we got home this afternoon (to keep the critters out) so I can’t say for sure, but I suspect it looks great!
  • My project has now given me the insight into my clients’ lives that I was looking for… I FINALLY understand the excitement AND the frustration!!!
  • I found our new Master Bedroom draperies for a great price…

Rust-Drapery Panels

  • The wall between the existing Kitchen & new Dining Room will be coming down next week. Can’t WAIT to see it as all one space!

Construction-Week 13

  • All future clients take note – flowers and a reassuring phone call will be YOURS at the half-way point of your construction project! (…Hey, can I send flowers to myself?)