Below is a reporting of  the progress  on my own project as it was made, which I titled “What I’ve Learned So Far from My Remodel”:


  • Okay, the holidays finally are over, our house guests have left, and the port-a-potty has been picked up from our front lawn — hurray!  Now we just need to accomplish the “finishing” touches of our remodel – paint trim in new guest bath, paint shelves in new linen closet, create punch list for Contractor, move offspring back into “new” old room & outfit our former Master Bedroom with TV/Playroom furniture/decor.  It’s going to be fun but busy week!

Construction-Week 38


  • The last steps are certainly the sweetest!  We’re having our “rat slab” (translation: the concrete that will later be covered with slate tile) poured for the backyard patio & walkway. They’re also “regrading” our garage so it slopes down to the street instead of down to the house – so no more flooding.  Hurray!!!
  • Enjoying my first weekend without having to paint anything!  …Now I have plenty of time to see all the mistakes I made.
  • I’ve finally found the time to tackle the office (the only room untouched in the remodel).  I’ve rearranged the furniture to get a dedicated station for the printer, fax & scanner and a new guest chair by my desk.  We moved the tall bookcases in from the Living Room to store my design library and sample books.  Now it’s gut check time — I’ve got to open the closet door and deal with whatever I find inside… Remember me as a hero!