[p]In my previous post, I covered how my sister (and you!) can refresh her dated Kitchen by painting old cabinetry, converting cabinets to open shelving, replacing old appliances and adding open storage for a more functional space. Now I’ll tackle back splashes that are 1) cost effective, 2) attractive and 3) won’t make her family feel like they’ve wasted their money when they tear it all out for a remodel in a few years:[/p]

[p]1) Back splash updates run the gamut from full replacement to recovering or covering blank walls.  Full tile back splashes can replace existing cracked or dated tiles once they are removed:[/p]


JWI-Portfolio-Large Family Kitchen               JWI-Portfolio-Victorian Remodel

Caesarstone counters with glass and slate accent tiles…                       Beautiful decorative tiles add a focal point…[/p]

  • Ready-made medallions & tile murals for over the range or behind the sink:

[p]Mosaic Tile           Mosaic Panel-            (Avoid selecting images of food, chefs and word mosaics, though – it’s too precious and can effect resale!)[/p]

  • Glass, stainless steel or acrylic panels can easily be installed on blank walls or even above existing 4” high back splashes:

[p]Glass-backsplash-design     Stainless Backsplash Panel

Glass panels look sleek and modern…               Stainless panel used as a focal point behind the range…[/p]

[p]Stainless-Steel-Backsplash     Resin Panel

Tin ceiling tiles were used for a tiled look…                   Resin panels from 3-Form come in host of styles…[/p]

I found so many options for back splashes, I’ve run out of room!  Check out my next post where I’ll cover counters and lighting…