Below is a reporting of  the progress  on my own project as it was made, which I titled “What I’ve Learned So Far from My Remodel”:


  • At the half-way point, be sure to get updated quotes from your Contractor & his/her subs to be sure the project is staying on/near budget!  Ours helped us evaluate the done/surprises found/future needs numbers and our project is on track!  We’re past the half-way point (in theory) and the end is now in sight… YIPPEE!!!
  • The Upholsterer is here measuring for the Dining Room banquette – can’t wait for it to get started!  The Electrician is installing the final can lights & outlets; the Contractor has scheduled the inspections for the end of this week… All is right with my remodel!
  • I’m happy that the inspection went well this morning; that the final supports have been put in place for the roof; that the new bathroom is progressing as we speak; BUT I am officially sick of living in two small rooms crammed to the brim with our stuff. …is it too late to move?
  • We’ve passed 4 city inspections so far with only 2 left to go!  The backhoe comes back tomorrow to fill in the “moat” around the new addition – HURRAY!
  •  Things are start moving a little slower than I’d like as the summer winds down… Still waiting for 2nd to last inspection this afternoon.  Insulation goes in tomorrow & (fingers crossed) drywall on Tuesday.