[p]As I look around at my own recent renovation, I realize that I still need to add a few finishing touches to really complete the spaces.  In trying to determine just what’s missing, it occured to me that I need to add more texture!  Textural objects are a great way to add visual interest – think of a smooth leather sofa with woven grass shades behind it or a shiny metal table lamp next to a wool-covered chair.  Mixing textures really helps bring a space to life! [/p]

[p]To that end, I wanted to explore some of the ways you can add textural interest in your life – to your home, at your office, heck even in your car![/p]

[p] 1)  Walls are a great place to add visual interest with texture:[/p]


[p]          Here is a client’s law office where I designed a textured wood wall behind the reception station…


[p]image_dune_bluewindow  Modular Arts-Dune Panels[/p]

[p]                       Modular Arts makes textured panels that can be painted to match any décor… [/p]

Carnegie-Cue Fabric

[p]                           Fabric wallpapers like the ones from Carnegie are beautiful and inviting…[/p]

[p]2)  Selecting textured Furniture is another way to create a focal point in your space:[/p]

[p]Arteriors-Elle Cabinet  Cyan-Dragon Stool[/p]

[p]Arteriors Home’s alligator-clad cabinet is sleek    This textural “Dragon Stool” from Cyan Design has fabulous

     and stylish…                                                                   pattern & movement…[/p]

[p]Cyan-Fireplace Screen[/p]

[p]                A great fireplace screen from Cyan Design beckons with a simple pattern…[/p]

[p]Ikea-Gregor Chair    Pottery Barn-Woven Tuffet[/p]

[p]Ikea’s Gregor Desk Chair can add textural interest      A woven seagrass tuffet from Pottery Barn offers an inviting

 to your office for a reasonable price…                            side table or extra seating…[/p]

[p]3)  Light Fixtures are used to highlight texture — so if the light fixture itself is textured?   All the better![/p]

[p]Arteriors-Castillo Lamp    Rejuvenation-wildwood-lights[/p]

[p]The Castillo Lamp from Arteriors Home is beautiful          The Wildwood wall sconce from Rejuvenation

                 and sculptural…                                                                     has a beautiful textured canopy and swirling leaf shade…[/p]

[p]4)  A great way to highlight the view is to “frame” it using textured Window Coverings:[/p]

[p]Houzz-Destinctive Window Designs-Woven Shades     Pier1-Natural Weave Drapery[/p]


[p]These woven wood shades provide texture that           These Natural Weave drapery panels from Pier 1 are 

        can be adjusted as they are raised or lowered…               great for adding texture and pattern…[/p]

[p]5)  Bedding is the easiest way to add textural elements to a room.  They’re relatively inexpensive and can be changed out as often as the mood suits…[/p]

[p]Pottery Barn-Corinne Pillows    Pottery Barn-Pick Stitch Quilts[/p]

[p]          Pottery Barn’s embroidered Corinne pillows & Pick-Stitched quilt are wonderfully touchable…[/p]


[p]               Bedding can serve dual purposes – this pinched-pleat duvet from Kohl’s is beautiful and textural…[/p]

[p]6)  And, as promised, I had to include one for the “car lovers” out there…[/p]


[p]These snake and alligator skin seat covers from Season 4 of MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” definitely catch the eye.  For added textural detail, be sure to include steel-tread plated flooring & a studded gear shift knob, too![/p]